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All the moving parts of Medicare can be very confusing. Are you worried about how to plan for ongoing healthcare costs? We understand your situation and are excited to offer the following topics of discussion (we will also answer any questions you may have):

  • How do Social Security and Medicare differ?
  • What’s expected in regard to Medicare costs?
  • What does Open Enrollment mean to you?
  • Planning to be employed past age 65? How does that affect your costs / coverage?
  • Understanding the prescription drug program
  • Medicare Advantage vs. Supplement vs. LTC vs. Medicaid

Kurt Marty and Mike Bain, Directors with Mowry Marty Bain, will be leading a discussion about ways you can prepare your retirement, healthcare and other financial issues. We want you to plan accordingly, so we’ll answer any of the lingering questions you have about your current healthcare / financial situation!

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