If you are looking for a public accounting firm that isn’t like the others, then you are in the right place.

We help our employees build a sustainable career path, but not by overworking.

At MMB, we understand that having a working career means juggling priorities in both your personal and professional lives. Our goal is to create sustainable, rewarding career opportunities while providing flexibility for all tax, audit and consulting team members to meet their personal priorities. In some cases, this may mean flexible scheduling options, but no matter what the situation, we help our employees balance their life / work. We strive to help our talented staff fulfill their workplace commitments without sacrificing the quality of their personal lives.

Accounting Staff Face Continual Client and Regulatory Challenges

While we believe these challenges raise the bar for our professional’s development, we also understand that success is a long-term investment. At MMB, we empower our professionals with responsibilities to strengthen their skill sets, talents and allow for innovation and creativity. Concurrently, we provide each professional with the career and personal development opportunities needed to achieve their goals.

Career Goals Change: Learning is for Life

As accounting professionals, it’s mandated that we continually learn and grow in our profession. At MMB, we understand that life changes and therefore career goals can change over a period of time. We strive to provide team members the opportunities to explore a broad range of industries, services or specializations, which can help them discover a path that delivers a high level of professional rewards – while managing the lifetime personal and professional changes.


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We are currently seeking senior accountants and managers to join our firm! Please submit your resume via the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.



4340 Glendale Milford Road, Suite 130
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone:(513) 873-1284

The application below is to be utilized by accounting professionals who are applying for an accounting or tax position with MMB Advisors. Any questions or inquiries can be addressed to contactus@mmbadvisors.com or (513) 873-1284.