It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the successful completion of our first attest engagement peer review. The firm received a “pass” which is the highest rating possible. Congratulations to the engagement team, lead by Christina Johnson, on continually developing the firm’s best practices!

About the Peer Review

MMB is enrolled in the AICPA’s Peer Review Program. According to the AICPA’s Peer Review Summary document, this program acknowledges, our firm is required to have a peer review every three years.

blog-image-peer-review-passThere are two types of reviews: a Systems Review and an Engagement Review. Our firm participated in the Engagement Review process. This means a study and appraisal, by an independent CPA firm / reviewer, chooses samples of our accounting reports and documentation, as well as procedures our firm prepared to ensure we are representing the profession at the highest level.

A “pass” is the highest level issued to peer review reports. This is achieved successfully when the reviewer concludes that nothing came to their attention to cause any discern of the capabilities of the firm being reviewed. We are excited our first review ended with a “pass” and now can focus on other internal procedures that need fine-tuning to offer the best service to our clients.